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Gurvinder Chadha

Debt Solutions Specialist

Gurvinder Chadha has been solving debt problems for Ontarians for more than a decade.  Gurvinder’s natural love of helping other is obvious in every encounter.  A proud father of two, in addition to English Gurvinder speaks Hindi, Punjabi, and Urdu.  Gurvinder is a Licensed Insolvency Counsellor, and is adept at assessing complicated situations and crafting tailored solutions to meet each individual’s needs.

Gurvinder is service oriented and prides himself on responding to requests promptly.

In his spare time, Gurvinder plays for MCL league and enjoys playing cricket (outdoor and indoor).

Free Advice from Gurvinder

A Consumer Proposal combines ALL of your debts into a single monthly payment.  There’s no need to juggle multiple payments, or use one credit facility to pay another.  Consolidate your debts, and reduce your stress.

A Consumer Proposal stops interest.  Your debts stop accruing interest the moment that you file a Consumer Proposal.  

Do you feel like your paying your bills, but not getting anywhere, and that the balances never decrease?  This is often because interest is accounting for the majority of your monthly payment.  Stop interest, and ensure that your payment is applied to the principal and not interest.

If accepted, a Consumer Proposal allows you to pay a percentage of the debt you owe, either in monthly payments or in a lump sum. You could have your debt reduced by up to 80%, and spread over as many as sixty (60) monthly payments.

For example, an individual owing $40,000 could pay as little as $133.33 per month.


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