407 Plate Denial: When Can I Renew My Plates After Filing A Consumer Proposal or Bankruptcy

stevewelker 29.09.2016

So you owe the 407 and you can’t renew your plates through the Ministry of Transportation Ontario (MTO).
If you file a consumer proposal, we will notify the 407 upon your proposal being accepted by your creditors.  This requires a minimum of 45 days from the date that you file your proposal.  After the 407 receives confirmation from us that your proposal was accepted they estimate that it will take them 10 additional days to remove your license from the MTO plate denial database afterwhich you can then renew your plates.
If you file an assignment in bankruptcy, the 407 may not remove you from plate denial until you are discharged from bankruptcy which takes a minimum of 9 months.  That said, they may remove you from plate denial if:

  1. You have not incurred any new debt with the 407 for which you may be in plate denial since your assignment into bankruptcy; and
  2. You have no other debts with the Ministry of Transportation (e.g. parking tickets) for which plate denial is in effect.

While still a cumbersome process, the good news is that filing an assignment in bankruptcy or consumer proposal will get you out of plate denial.  This is great news for those struggling with 407 debt as this wasn’t the case prior to 2016.
Whether your struggling with 407 debt, or a mountain of other debts, always feel free to contact us for a free consultation where we’ll review your financial situation, discuss your options, and answer any questions that you may have.