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Is A Proposal Legally Binding?
Author : stevewelker
A Proposal is a formal legal proceeding that can only be filed with the help of a Licensed Insolvency Trustee in accordance with section 50 or 66 of the Bankruptcy and Insolvency Act.  It's a very specific, and highly regulated process under which both a debtor (the i...
We Are Moving!
Author : stevewelker
We're excited to announce that our head office is moving to Suite 314 at 200 Ronson Drive in Etobicoke, near Martin Grove, Dixon, and the 401 effect...
We’re Growing (again!)
Author : stevewelker
Steve Welker and Company Inc. is a growing Licensed Insolvency Trustee practice in the Greater Toronto Area that provides insolvency services to consu...
Can A Bankrupt Lawyer Practice Law?
Yes, even lawyers can struggle with debt, and when they do their first question is often: How will a consumer proposal or assignment in bankruptcy aff...
407 Plate Denial: When Can I Renew My Plates After Filing A Consumer Proposal or Bankruptcy
So you owe the 407 and you can't renew your plates through the Ministry of Transportation Ontario (MTO). If you file a consumer proposal, we will not...
Bankruptcy and RECO: Information for Realtors
The Real Estate Council of Ontario, or RECO, regulates real estate professionals in the province.  It enforces the Real Estate and Business Broke...
Our Operations Are Expanding!
Are you or someone you know interested in working with people in need of financial assistance?  We have an exciting opportunity that will allow the su...
407 Debts Are Now Dischargeable by Bankruptcy and Consumer Proposals
Great News: The 407 can no longer prevent you from renewing your plates if your 407 debt was discharged by a consumer proposal or bankruptcy. Both ba...
Power of Sale vs. Foreclosure
If you can't afford to your monthly mortgage payment and have fallen behind your mortgage company may consider commencing Power of Sale or Foreclosu...